Ivanka Trump Getting A West Wing Office Is Nepotism At Its Worst

The first daughter’s new role does not come with a playbook, which means it probably does not come with a lot of accountability either.

Ivanka Trump

First daughter Ivanka Trump may not hold a formal position in her father President Donald Trump’s chaotic administration or be a sworn member of the government, but she has somehow become a permanent fixture in high-level meetings both with foreign leaders and on national issues.

There is no denying that Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner, who is an official Trump adviser, hold an unyielding power over the commander-in-chief and subsequently, the cabinet. In fact, even before Trump took office, speculation began on whether Ivanka would move into the White House to play the role traditionally served by the first lady, who in this case, does not even live in Washington, D.C.

Initially, the first daughter refuted such claims, but as it turns out, there was some truth to them after all.

Two months after the business mogul took office, his eldest and most favorite child is not only getting her own office on the second floor of West Wing, but she is also in the process of obtaining a security clearance and is expected to receive government-issued communications devices, according to a report by Politico.

Ivanka’s attorney, Jamie Gorelick, said Ivanka would serve as her dad’s “eyes and ears” while providing advice on a range of issues.

"Having an adult child of the president who is actively engaged in the work of the administration is new ground,” said Gorelick. “Our view is that the conservative approach is for Ivanka to voluntarily comply with the rules that would apply if she were a government employee, even though she is not.”

It is unprecedented for a first daughter to hold so much power, but then again, the entire Trump presidency has been unprecedented so far.

The most worrisome part about the whole affair is the fact that since Ivanka is technically not a government employee, there is no playbook for her to play by and neither does she have to follow certain ethics rules that other White House officials are subjected to.

To put it simply: If there is no playbook, there is no accountability either.

She would also not receive a salary, since she would be in a non-governmental capacity — whatever that means.

Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump’s recent White House promotion has understandably outraged many on social media, including politicians and former White House staffers.






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