Billionaire Daughter Ivanka Trump Apparently Doesn't Pay Her Interns

Donald Trump’s daughter had one of her interns write a blog of how to make it as an unpaid intern and Ivanka Trump shamelessly posted it on Twitter.

Ivanka Trump previously defended women in favor of equal wages for equal work at the Republican National Convention, yet she announced on Twitter that she doesn’t pay her interns at her fashion and jewelry company, as mentioned in a blog post on her website. 

The Republican candidate’s daughter instructed her copy intern write a blog on her personal website that includes tips of how to survive as an unpaid intern, The Huffington Post reported.

Along with posting a link on social media of the blog, Ivanka Trump used the ridiculous hashtag #nomoneynoproblems, which is easy for her to say since she’s rich.

In the post, unpaid intern Quincy Bulin offers tip and includes advice from three of her unpaid colleagues—all women, two named Mackenzie. 

Ivanka’s company only had 12 employees and she offers her workers 8 weeks of parental leave, according to The Washington Post

There is no excuse for the presidential candidate’s daughter to not pay her interns as she can clearly afford to, she just seems too frugal to do so. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Mike Segar

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