Ivanka Trump To Take Over As First Lady?

After news outlets reported Ivanka Trump would be given an office space meant for the First Lady, a Trump spokesperson denied those claims.

Donald Trump speaking next to Melania and Ivanka Trump

As multiple reports indicated that Ivanka Trump would get an office space typically reserved for the First Lady, Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks shot down those rumors, stating the President-elect’s eldest daughter had not been given a role yet.

"This is false," Hicks exclusively told Business Insider. "No decisions regarding Ivanka's involvement have been made."

Social media buzzed around the rather incestuous concept that Trump would be given a position normally meant for someone the president is romantically involved with after CNN’s Lisa Mirando tweeted the information citing CNN reporter Sarah Murray’s report.

Donald Trump’s actual wife, Melania, won’t even be living in the White House until after their son Barron finishes out the school year in New York City. Meanwhile, speculation loomed that Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, have been checking out houses in Washington D.C.

Additionally CNN reported that Trump is expected to have an important role in her father's administration, taking on some of the responsibilities traditionally assigned to the first lady. Sources told CNN that Trump's transition aides are putting in an "Office of the First Family," that will be located where the current office for the first lady is. 

Trump’s cozy relationship to Donald Trump’s administration — while uncomfortably out of place — should come as no surprise, however. Trump has been sitting in on meetings with foreign leaders and interviews, mostly to secure her own business deals and pump up her brand’s publicity. If, eventually, the businesswoman is granted a spot in her father’s White House, the development will be ticked off as yet another one of Donald Trump’s never-ending conflicts of interest

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