Twitter Is Not Buying Ivanka’s Defense Of US’ Breastfeeding Policy

The “clarifying” op-ed defended Trump administration’s refusal to sign a resolution that sought regulations on infant formula manufacturers so that they won’t lie to the public.

Donald Trump

First daughter Ivanka Trump was berated on Twitter after she lamented the “much misinformation” that has supposedly surrounded the U.S.’ support of breastfeeding, ever since the United States sided with infant formula manufacturers at the World Health Assembly.

Trump shared an opinion piece by U.S. health officials that “clarified” how the United States actually promotes breastfeeding despite reports they threatened Ecuador with sanctions if they initiated the resolution curbing infant formula advertisement, despite breastfeeding being the optimal choice for children.


Similarly, in the “clarifying” piece, U.S. officials said they were only protecting the rights of women who cannot breastfeed by, apparently, threatening Ecuador with a trade war. However, interestingly, the resolution did not force women to breastfeed; it only sought for regulations on infant formula manufacturers so that they won’t lie to the public and to emphasize on the importance and proven benefits of breastfeeding.

 According to initial reports, after U.S. officials’ threats to Ecuador, the U.N. struggled to find another sponsor for the resolution, with many poor countries refusing to step forward, fearing retaliation. Finally, it was Russia who decided to step up as the sponsor. However, they faced no such threats from the United States. Although with slightly altered language, the resolution was finally approved.

According to the op-ed, the U.S., by heavy-handing Ecuador, was only protecting mothers’ right to choice when it comes to feeding their child. The reason is a little hard to buy since American infant formula companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on lobbying each year. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Abbott Laboratories alone, which makes Similac and other formulas, spent $790,000 on lobbying this year.

In the New York Post op-ed, U.S. officials again sought to defend opposing the resolution.

“The Trump administration stands with all mothers, here and abroad, and supports them in making the choices that will help their children grow up to be strong and healthy,” it read.

The irony of the statement was not lost on Twitter users, who came in full force after the first daughter — who also works as an adviser to President Donald Trump, in the wake of migrant children being separated from their parents at the U.S. border.



Many also said the “clarifying” op-ed basically just doubles down on initial reports of the U.S. supporting infant formula manufacturers.







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