Ivanka Trump Caught Using Private Email Account

President Donald Trump frequently criticized Hillary Clinton for using a private email server as secretary of state. Yet his own daughter uses a private email, too.

Ivanka Trump waves after giving a speech at the World Assembly for Women.

As a candidate for president, Donald Trump criticized his Democratic competitor, Hillary Clinton, for using a private email server while serving as secretary of state in the Barack Obama administration.

Trump went so far as to call it “a criminal problem” in 2015 while on the campaign trail.

Today, however, while Trump still likes to bring up “Hillary’s emails” every so often, he happily disregards his own administration’s use of private email servers to conduct state business — including his own daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka Trump, who officially serves as assistant to the president, has for several months used private emails in her communications with officials in the Treasury Department, Newsweek reported on Thursday.

American Oversight, a nonprofit group dedicated to government openness, obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information Act request. They expressed concern about Ivanka Trump specifically, saying that the White House had previously assured the American public that the extent to which Ivanka Trump used private email was insignificant. Their director, Austin Evers, explained:

After Ivanka Trump was exposed using a personal email account for government business, the White House assured the American people that the use was rare and limited to a short period of time before she officially started on staff. The facts, however, show us that the Trump administration has misled the public yet again. The hypocrisy of Ivanka Trump and her father’s administration should be surprising, but now sadly comes as no shock after months of evasive and shifting answers from the White House.


Indeed, the official excuse from the White House for those previous communications was that Ivanka Trump was simply sending emails from her private server in order to obtain an official White House email address. But the emails collected from American Oversight’s FOIA request contradict that story.

After months of scrutinizing Clinton on the campaign trail, President Trump’s administration — including family members serving as officials under his watch — are conducting themselves in the same manner that Clinton did while working at the State Department.

While Clinton was cleared of any wrongdoing, the hypocrisy of the Trump administration cannot be so easily dismissed. What was wrong for the former secretary of state is fine for the current administration, so long as the president’s last name is Trump, it seems.

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