A Little Syrian Harry Potter Fan Has A Message For J.K. Rowling

Amid all the destruction and violence, a young Syrian girl had her ultimate “Harry Potter” wish come true.

A 7-year-old girl living in Aleppo, Syria, uses Twitter to send out live updates of the situation in her war-torn country.

Bana Alabed and her mother, Fatemah, have around 99,000 followers on the social media site. The young girl often posts videos of the destruction in her city and previously tweeted that she reads books to get her mind off the war.



A few days ago, Fatemah tweeted author J.K. Rowling that her children had just watched a Harry Potter movie and would now like to read the book.



The famous author could not reach her fan since goods cannot arrive in the war-torn country, but she decided to make the little girl’s wish come true by sending her e-books.


Rowling’s little fan uploaded a video to thank her for the gift.


She added that her brothers want to read the books too.



Although the heartwarming exchange and the e-books have been a source of distraction for the 7-year-old and her family, the destruction in Syria continues.


Apparently, the city’s residents are only 10 days away from starvation as aid workers have reported an urgent need of food and medical supplies.

Check out the details of the exchange between Rowling and her little fan in the video above. 

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