Caught On Camera: Cop Brutally Beats Handcuffed Suspect

A Mississippi officer has been fired for brutally beating a handcuffed suspect and not complying with the police department’s code of conduct.

Justin Roberts, a police officer from Jackson, Mississippi, has been fired after he was filmed beating a handcuffed suspect and pushing him against a wall.

It is not clear why the man, identified as Ladarius Brown, was arrested, but according to police officials, the cops were responding to a call of a disturbance when the incident took place.

The video, recorded by bystanders, shows Roberts punching Brown numerous times before a female officer intervenes.

Ross Adams, who is a reporter for 16 WAPT, spoke to police Chief Lee Vance regarding the incident and posted a video of the conversation on his Facebook page.

 “When I watched it (the video), the conduct of the officer was certainly not in line with what we train our officers to do. We don’t condone it, and we felt like, to terminate this officer was in the best interest of the Jackson Police Department. We’ve talked over and over again about the type of service that we want to provide to our citizens and we’re going to do that. Any officer that will behave in the manner that this officer did, will probably meet the same fate. We did not train him to do that, we don’t condone it and we’re not going to put up with it,” Vance said.

“This particular individual was handcuffed. He was already under arrest. What should have happened was, he should have taken him and put him in the car, like the second officer did. Slamming him into a building and swinging at him twice is not anything that goes along with our arrest procedure," the police chief went on.

He also praised the second officer for stepping in to defend the victim and further stated that her intervention proved not all Jackson officers behave the way Roberts did. “She deserves a lot of credit for doing what we trained her to do,” he said.

Vance further mentioned the actions of the third officer, who was watching the incident, but did nothing to participate or stop it, are being reviewed. 

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