Parkland Survivor Plans Livestream Fundraiser For Jacksonville Victims

Parkland shooting survivor Cameron Kasky has planned the livestreamed gaming tournament to raise funds for the fallen gamers’ families.



It has been a week since the shooting that devastated the gaming community in the United States. During a livestreamed gaming tournament, 24-year-old David Katz opened fire at his fellow participants. The shooting killed two gamers, Eli “Trueboy” Clayton, 22, and Taylor “SpotMePlzz” Robertson, 27. Eleven people were also injured.

The survivors of the Jackson shooting and other shootings are united by the similar tragedies that befell them: an act of violence that jolted their reality and the loss of friends who were stolen from them. A shared pain is what prompted a survivor of the Parkland shooting to reach out to a victim of the Jackson shooting.

Shay “Young Kiv” Kivlen is the top player of the game, “Madden,” in the world. On Aug. 26, he watched the gaming arena dissolve into panic as Katz shot his best friend, Eli. Kivlen was contacted by 17-year-old Cameron Kasky, Parkland survivor and a student activist. They decided to hold a gaming tournament in memory of the slain gamers. The tournament would be livestreamed and any proceeds from the match would go directly to Jacksonville Fallen Gamers Fund, a fundraiser for the deceased’s families.

Kasky had been hearing reports of the families of the fallen gamers facing financial difficulties. He understood that, for the bereaved family, closure would come slowly, in hiccups. However, he could still help them through their financial troubles and help them remember their children in a collective, hopefully, cathartic experience.


“After the Jacksonville shooting, I was brought right back to home," Kasky said in a phone interview with Mashable. "It hit me where it hurt and I thought the best thing I could do for these people —especially because I was reading that there might have been some financial troubles for some of the victim’s families — is just help raise money.”


The tournament, which would be livestreamed by Twitch’s platform Tiltify, will also host special guest Mike Evans, wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Evans had reportedly “jumped” at the offer of being a part of something like this. He is slated to compete with Kivlen in the tournament and Kasky hopes Kivlen will “rip [his competitor] to shreds.”

After the shooting that killed many of his friends, Kasky and his friends banded together to form “Never Again,” a student-led movement for gun control. The parkland survivor was also the co-founder of “March for Our Lives”, a massive rally against gun violence in the USA.

Madden publisher EA has also pledged to give $1 million to the families of "the victims, including the families of Taylor Robertson, Elijah Clayton, and all those who were affected."

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