Insane Images Show Thousands Getting Crushed In Soccer Tickets Queue

Several Indonesian soccer fans got injured as a crowd spiraled out of control while rushing to get tickets for the AFF Cup semi-final.

Several die-hard soccer fans in Jakarta got crushed while trying to get their hands on the Asian Football Federation Cup’s tickets for the showdown between Indonesia and Thailand.

Things took a rough turn when people started to crush each other in a frenzy to buy the tickets for the semi-finals.

Thousands of fans standing in long queues, which formed overnight, in front of a tiny gate, can be seen in the footage. Military troops, who were in charge of issuing the tickets, couldn’t even control the massive crowd.

A man was filmed being taken to a corner on a stretcher for oxygen as he got out of breath, probably after being pushed around or because of suffocation. 

Almost 15,000 tickets were being sold through the military barracks, while the rest were available online.

People shared videos and pictures of the insane crowd on social media.




#AntriTiketTimnas Garnisun

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Those who were lucky enough to get tickets can be seen sharing victorious selfies: 




Indonesia !!!! #affsuzukicup #tikettimnas #timnas #timnasindonesia #timnasday #final #thailand

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