Jake Tapper To Kellyanne Conway: I Would Like Trump To Just Stop Lying

“Does his job include lying to the American people. Because he continually does so and he undermines his own administration when he does so,” said Tapper.

CNN’s Jake Tapper just wanted special counsel to the president Kellyanne Conway to ask President Donald Trump to tell the truth. Obviously, since he was asking Conway, he was sorely disappointed.

During an appearance on Tapper’s “State of the Union,” the CNN host asked Conway about the comments made by Trump on the $130,000 hush money paid by Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen to Stormy Daniels.

Last week, the president said he was not aware of any payment made by Cohen to Daniels.

“You’ll have to ask Michael Cohen. Michael’s my attorney,” Trump said when he was asked about the Daniels’ allegations. However, when it was revealed that the president, in fact, had reimbursed Cohen for the payment, Conway defended the president, claiming he wasn’t lying — even though, he most certainly is.

“Does his job include lying to the American people?” Tapper asked. “Because he continually does so and he undermines his own administration when he does so.” 

“Jake, he does many things, you just want, respectfully, you just want to go viral. You want to say the words President Trump and lying in the same sentence.”

“No, I would like him to stop lying, quite frankly,” Tapper insisted.

However, as usual, Conway quickly shifted the conversation to Iran’s nuclear deal, the unemployment rate in the US — which he has done very little about — and Russian collusion.

Sensing that, Tapper interrupted, “I understand you don't want to address the president's credibility.”

“I already talked about it for five minutes,” Conway replied.

Tapper then referenced a recent tweet by Trump, in which he bashed former President Barack Obama for not rescuing three Americans who were detained by North Korea.



The thing is though, as Tapper mentioned, two of those Americans were arrested after Trump became president.

“There is no way that Obama could have gotten them released because they were captured when Trump was president.”

The false, maligning tweet has still not been taken down by Trump.

“That’s just a lie…Why is he blaming Obama for hostages that were taken when he was president?” Tapper asked.

“Jake, he’s probably thinking about President Obama and the terrible Iran nuclear deal,” was Conway’s mystifying reply.

When Tapper insisted on a proper reply, Conway said. “And all three could well be released while he’s president, that’s the key.”

The status of the three prisoners is not confirmed, nor when they will be sent back to the United States, so celebrating a victory at this point is a bit premature by the Trump administration.

Conway also pushed back on Tapper’s questions about the $130,000 payment, saying, “everybody has an idea about how the president should speak, the words he should use.”

“Honestly. He should speak honestly,” Tapper asserted.

But that’s the crux of the matter, isn’t it.

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