White Man Fatally Shoots Cop, Still Being Described As ‘Shy And Timid’

An Indiana police officer was trying to help a citizen stuck in an inverted vehicle, but the person inside the damaged car shot him to death.



A police officer was killed in the line of duty when he approached a vehicle that had rolled over and crashed in front of a home yard in an Indiana suburb.

Lieutenant Aaron Allan was only trying to help a citizen who was in trouble, but instead he was shot multiple times by the person stuck in the damaged car. Indiana police has identified the suspect who opened fire at the 38 year-old officer, reportedly hitting him at least once.

 The authorities confirmed in a statement they had arrested Jason Brown, 28, on suspicion of murder.

The motive of the murdered is yet unknown. However, his close friend Traci Wagner said she knew him since elementary school, and couldn’t believe he was capable of committing such a crime.

"He's shy, he's timid," she said. "He's just not ... he's not ... How would you say it? He's not the kind of person who goes out and creates trouble."

Brown is allegedly a tattoo artist who, according to Wagner, was known to have a licensed gun but claims he never flashed it.

But Brown’s criminal history shows otherwise, with four infractions and one misdemeanor on his record. In 2013, the suspect was charged with misdemeanor for possessing marijuana or a synthetic cannabinoid.  

"He's not strung out on drugs," insisted Wagner. "He doesn't drink. So where this all came into play, I have no idea."

Whatever the case maybe, the fact that Brown is still being described “shy and timid,” even after he fatally shot an officer, is the epitome of white privilege.

Had it been a member of minority community who had committed such a crime, would the reaction be just as lukewarm as it is now?

When a Somali-American police officer, Mohamed Noor, reportedly shot an innocent Australian woman, the Somali-American community faced so much backlash that a Minneapolis city council member had to hold a press conference, announcing Noor’s actions did not reflect his community.

If Brown been a person of color, this would have been a completely different story making headlines everywhere.

The suspect was reportedly accompanied with another occupant while committing the crime. Two other officers also arrived at the crash scene soon after Allan and fired at the car in response to Brown’s mindless attack, injuring the other person, who remain unidentified. Both occupants survived the incident.

Sadly, Allan, who joined the Southport Police Department six years ago and was named its first officer of the year in 2015 for his actions to save a man’s life at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, was pronounced dead at the hospital.


“He responded to a crash with urgency to preserve life,” Thomas Vaughn, the chief of the Southport Police Department, said at a news conference. “Tragically, his was lost.”

Brown is currently facing a preliminary murder charge.

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