McDonald’s In Japan Is Giving Away Gold

You never know when buying nuggets could make you rich.

McDonald’s in Japan has announced it will give away an 18-karat gold chicken nugget — yes, you read that right  as part of a new marketing campaign.

The golden nugget campaign is meant to promote the fast food joint’s new limited edition chicken nugget dipping sauces, Fruit Curry and Creamy Cheese.

Winning the gold nugget is, of course, not as simple as it sounds. The campaign, featuring a Nugget Thief dressed in bright yellow and a mask, requires people to guess his identity by picking up on clues left on Twitter.

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Participating in the competition is as simple as following Japanese McDonald’s on Twitter, finding clues left by the Nugget Thief, guessing who the thief is and then spreading the word using the hash tag  that translates to "Mysterious Nugget Thief."

Japan McDonalds

The nugget, worth approximately $1,500, is hidden inside one random box of six chicken McNuggets and the competition of identifying the Nugget Thief will go on from June 8 to June 28. Moreover, one Twitter follower will be chosen on a daily basis to receive 39 days' worth of chicken McNuggets.

The odd number, 39, has been chosen specifically because the Japanese pronunciation of the numbers 3 (san) and 9 (kyu) sounds like the worlds "thank you."

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