Sinkhole From Hell Swallows One Of Japan’s Busiest Streets

The exact cause of the sudden sinkhole is not known but city officials think it might be due to the underground engineering work going on nearby.



This sinkhole from hell just swallowed a five-lane street in one of Japan’s busiest cities.

The gigantic crater opened up on Nov. 8 near Hakata Station, the busiest railway station in the city of Fukuoka in the Japanese island of Kyushu.

The road started collapsing early on Tuesday morning after two smaller holes formed. The depressions then grew to become one huge crater around 98 feet wide, according to crisis management officer, Motohisa Oda.

City officials have been working close by to expand the subway from the Hakata Station to the city center and Oda suspects the hole may be triggered by the underground construction work.

The hole is 50 feet deep and filled with water from sewage pipelines destroyed after the road caved in.

Residents claim they heard a loud boom as electricity went out and about 170 households across the city are left without power. Authorities are also checking the site and nearby areas for gas leakages; transportation in the area is also disrupted.

People are concerned for the commercial buildings that are perched right on the edge of the sinkhole. Some offices and stores, including a 7-Eleven store, were told to evacuate. There have been no reports of injury.

Although the exact cause is still being investigated, Japan’s social media users have already started making memes about the probable causes of the sinkhole.



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