Watch Japan's PM Turn Into Super Mario At The Rio Closing Ceremony

The Japanese prime minister’s entertaining appearance at the closing ceremony in Rio just goes to show how exciting the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be.



Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe surprised the world, and officially marked the passing of the Summer Olympics torch to Tokyo, with his brilliant appearance at the Rio closing ceremony.

Following tradition, the next host country of the games was allotted some time to give a sneak peek into what the 2020 Olympic Games would look like.  

A video played at the Maracana stadium showed the Japanese gaming icon Super Mario running through the streets of Tokyo, with Rio de Janeiro highlighted on a map he was holding. The character then jumped into a green pipe and slid all the way down, until suddenly Prime Minister Abe dressed as Mario, with a ball in his hand popped out of a similar pipe on stage.

The prime minister's creative appearance won rave reviews on Twitter.





One man even called it the “best moment” of the Olympics.


The Olympic anthem then played through the stadium, as the flag was lowered. The Rio de Janeiro mayor then handed over the flag to the International Olympic Committee, who passed it on to the Tokyo governor, Yuriko Koike. 

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