SC Restaurant Owner Apologizes For Racist ‘Help Wanted’ Sign

A restaurant owner in South Carolina lands in hot water after she placed a sign on her door that read “Help wanted, Minorities need not apply.”

A Japanese restaurant owner in South Carolina is receiving severe backlash and hate from internet users for a sign she placed on her door.

“Help wanted. Minorities need not apply,” it read.

People believed that the sign at Kenny’s Homecooking was an act of racism against those from minority communities, whereas, in reality, it was just that the owner, Sook "Sue" Shin, is really poor at English and couldn’t differentiate between “minor” and “minorities.”

“I never ever meant that, so I'm really sorry,” she told WYFF News of the sign that was purchased off eBay by her Korean husband.

To apologize for the miscommunication, Shin posted another sign on her window. “Dear Customers. I am the owner Sue. I am really sorry for the sign that posted (earlier). I didn’t know what it meant,” she wrote.

However, many social media users bashed Shin and the restaurant. “I think you just wrecked your own business with the Minorities Need Not Apply Sign in the Window,” one woman wrote. Some others believed the sign was put up on purpose, and Shin was trying to get away with racism by blaming it on her poor English.

Others came forward to support the owner, and implored internet users to give the “restaurant the benefit of doubt.”

“They apologized, the owner didn't know English properly because she is Japanese and she thought it meant 'minors,' not minority. Please delete your review, it's hurting a family business,” an internet user who goes by the name of Edward Jones wrote.

“This entire thread is the reason the giant orange Dorito got elected. You people are sick in the goddamn head. Harassing this woman and then posting racist comments,” another commented, making a not-so-sublimation political statement.

There is no denying that racism has seen a significant rise over the last year. However, in this case, the restaurant owner’s mistake and apology do seem genuine.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Marcos Brindicci

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