Japanese Students Hatch A Baby Chick Grown Outside Of An Egg

A group of Japanese high school students has successfully completed a rather unusual experiment — hatching a chicken without its shell.

On June 5, a video of a group of Japanese high school students hatching an chicken grown entirely outside an egg was published on the Facebook page “Spoon & Tamago." Although it is being said that the experiment was carried out for the “first time in history,” the video gives no proof to support this statement.

In the video, the students separate an egg yolk from its shell, place cling wrap over a clear plastic cup and break the egg onto it. The fetus was then left to develop in an incubator and monitored over several weeks.

Featuring professors Yutaka Tahara and Katsuya Obara, the video depicted a "shell-less culture system” that could be used for embryo manipulations, tissue engineering and studies in regenerative medicine. However, one must acknowledge that the students in the video did not invent this shell-less culture.

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The students and their professors watched through the clear glass as the first signs of life became evident, as little blood vessels formed, the chick’s heart began beating, and finally it came to life.

High hatchability was achieved during the experiment, with more than 50% of the embryos being artificially hatched surviving past day 17.

It is important to note that the entire process was carried out in a sterilized lab environment, so obviously following the same technique at home would not ensure the eggs would hatch without their shell.

The students seemed pretty excited with their accomplishment and so did the professors. At the end of the video a little chicken was seen running around the lab but one cannot be sure if it was the same one grown throughout the video.

The video may seem like mere trickery to some, but there is no sufficient proof to confirm whether the experiment show was a hoax.

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