Jared Fogle Sues His Victim’s Parents For Her ‘Destructive Behaviors'

The ex-Subway spokesman went to jail for child sex crimes last year, and he has recently decided to sue one of his victim’s parents for her distress.

Jared Fogle is back in the spotlight, and is blaming the family of one of his victims for her “destructive behavior” as a way to divert negative media attention away from himself.

The former spokesman for Subway is serving more than 15 years for sex crimes against minors. He is now suing one of his victim’s parents and blaming them for her "destructive behaviors," The Independent reports.

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The lawsuit only identifies the victim’s parents by their initials and she is referred to as Jane Doe for her identity protection.

It states that the girl’s parents, “maintained a hateful and abusive relationship toward each other, which included, but was not limited to, engaging in frequent fighting, physical abuse, and arguing with Jane Doe,” according to CNN.

The document also states that the arguing “caused Jane Doe to suffer from emotional distress, anxiety, and major depression before she learned of any of the allegations involving” Jared Fogle and Russell Taylor. 

Russell Taylor, a co-defendant of Fogle, allegedly photographed the victim in the nude as a child and the unidentified victim filed a civil lawsuit against Fogle and Taylor for not knowing she was photographed, and is seeking at least $150,000 in damages for her distress.

The victim was also filmed undressing and bathing in Fogle’s business partner’s home. The filming took place without her knowledge.

Fogle’s lawsuit also blames the victim’s family's lack of supervision on their child, and that it led her to engage “in various harmful activities, including, but not limited to, alcohol abuse, self-mutilation, substance abuse, and sexual activity with multiple partners,” prior to later finding out she was photographed.

The victim’s parents have reportedly not spoken publicly about the lawsuit.

It’s baffling that the former Subway spokesman is attempting to steer away from his highly publicized conviction and in turn, blame his victim’s family for his disgusting behavior. 

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