Jason Chaffetz Gets Foot Surgery Before He Loses Obamacare Benefits

So, essentially, the guy who wants to take away other people’s health care by repealing Obamacare just rushed to the hospital to get his foot treated.

Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, announced this week that he was off for three to four weeks due to a foot surgery.

In an Instagram post, Chaffetz explained how he fell off a ladder and shattered his foot — 12 years ago.

“The University of Utah doctors now recommend immediate surgery to remove all the hardware or I could be at risk for serious infection,” Chaffetz wrote. “This is not an opportune time to be away but medical emergencies are never convenient. I appreciate my constituent’s (sic) patience and understanding as I take time to recover.”

Quite unlike his statement, this appears to be the most opportune time to be away for Chaffetz and there is more than one reason for that.

First, his decision to disappear comes at the same time of speculation that Russians had “kompromat” — or compromising material — on him. Now, this rumor has been debunked but suspicion remains.

Second, given how Trump is signing one controversial executive order after another, it seems best for him to get away.

Also, Chaffetz does not plan on running for another term, which means he has little time to avail the Obamacare benefits enjoyed by members of Congress. Therefore, it’s probably the right time to undergo a foot surgery.

It’s ironic, considering how Chaffetz is among those voting to repeal and replace Obamacare.






After Chaffetz's surgery, a spokesperson said the Republican congressman was “resting comfortably.”

"His physician advised him that it was imperative he receive surgical treatment before further complications arose. The surgery was successful and he is now resting comfortably.”

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