Jason Derulo Claims American Airlines Discriminated Against Him

“If I was not who I was, if I wasn't Jason Derulo, I wouldn't be here right now. I'd be in ****** cuffs. It's 100 percent racial.”

Jason Derulo lodged complaints of racism against American Airlines after an unpleasant incident.

It was just another day for the rapper when he arrived at the Miami International Airport with his eight crew members to board a flight to Los Angeles.

However, the moment took an unpleasant turn when the rapper tried checking nearly 20 bags and was told by American Airlines that the baggage couldn’t be loaded onto the same flight.

As a Concierge Key member of American Airlines, the singer claimed he is allowed to bring unlimited bags onto the plane. However, when the airline wouldn't let him, he asked a member of the entourage to stay back and try checking bags on a later flight.

Just as the aircraft left the gate for the runway, Derulo got a call from his crew member who had stayed back. He told Derulo that the airline wanted to charge $6,000 for both the ticket and the baggage.

That is when the artist lost his cool and he demanded the plane go back to the gate so he could get off. When he deplaned, he saw security awaiting him.

Derulo shared a picture on his Instagram ranting about the incident.


The post says the artist demanded answers from the airline. He further said that he has spent millions on the airline in the past 10 years but still faced racial discrimination. He also claimed that the pilot hurled slurs at him.

"Soon as they find out who I am, the whole gear changes. It's all relaxed and it's all cool. If I was not who I was, if I wasn't Jason Derulo, I wouldn't be here right now, I'd be in f****** cuffs. It's 100 percent racial because the initial thought in people's minds is these hoodlums are causing problems,” he added.

American Airlines came forward with their explanation to the incident. According to the airline, elite costumers receive three checked bags for free but Derulo tried to check in with 20 bags.

The airline also released a statement soon after the incident.

“American Airlines flight 275 returned to the gate prior to departure. A passenger elected to deplane in order to travel with their checked bags. The passenger has been rebooked with his checked bags on a later flight this evening,” read the statement.

Miami-Dade responded to requests from American Airlines twice but they were told there wasn’t an issue. According to police, no arrests were made and the group continued on to Los Angeles.

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