Jeb Bush Blames Mexico For His Daughter’s Drug Addiction

GOP candidate Jeb Bush vows to reduce drug trafficking and abuse in the U.S. if he becomes president, in an issue that hits close to home.

In an emotional speech, Jeb Bush discussed the painful times when his daughter Noelle’s heroin addiction landed her behind bars and he knows exactly who to blame for that.

Since he started campaigning for the presidential elections in 2015, the former governor of Florida has only spoken in hazy terms about his daughter's struggles with drug addiction. In a recent blog post on Medium, however, he completely opened up about the toll his daughter’s trying time took on the family.

“It’s very debilitating when you have a loved one who is struggling, and you can’t control it. You have to love them, but you also have to make it clear you cannot enable the behavior that gets them in trouble,” he says in his post.

The GOP candidate blames Mexican drug cartels for the nation’s widespread substance abuse. He has written that the problem is aggravated due to easily obtained heroin and other illicit drugs that enter into the U.S. by Mexican drug dealers.

As part of his proposed laws involving the possession and use of drugs, Bush is determined to curb the flow of illicit drugs by securing national borders as well as increasing punishment for drug traffickers. He also plans to improve treatment and rehabilitation programs by spreading awareness with parents, children and educational organizations to stop addiction at an early age.


Former Mexican President Vicente Fox previously spoke up about allegations that Mexico breeds drug pushers, and calls it hypocrisy.

“The country that most consumes drugs is the country that is not doing anything within the territory to fight the war,” Fox said in an interview last year.

Noelle, who is now clean, was arrested in 2002 for trying to use a fraudulent prescription and spent 10 days in prison for contempt of court, after she was found with cocaine possession in a drug rehab center. Bush was the governor of Florida at that time and his daughter’s battle with drugs was thrust in full limelight.

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