Jeb Bush Thinks Malala Yousafzai Is President Obama’s Daughter

The presidential candidate once again mangled the name of the president’s daughter, along with messing up the date of an important summit.

While sharing a tale about the cultural differences between the United States and China, Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush mispronounced the name of the POTUS’s eldest daughter.

During a speech at the Council of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday, Bush told an anecdote of how the First Lady Michelle Obama did not show up at a summit meeting with the Chinese president and his wife, deeming it very offensive to China.

“The best example — seems like a small thing — is in 2009 after the president’s reelection. There was the summit in Palm Springs, and Mrs. Obama didn’t go to the summit. Every meeting I had in Beijing started out for the first 10 minutes started out lambasting me about why it was, as an American, why it was that we insulted China,” he said. “And I’m thinking, you know what, it could be that Mrs. Obama was worried about the science project of Malala.”

It’s obvious that the GOP candidate wanted to tell the world that he is globally aware and knows the name “Malala” belongs to an important personality — but apparently he did not know that the summit was actually held in 2013, not 2009, and that Malia Obama, not Malala Yousafzai, is the daughter of President Obama.

His slip of tongue, obviously, made him the laughing stock of the Internet.



This isn’t the first time Bush has butchered the name of the president’s daughter. Earlier this month, Candace Smith, an ABC news reporter, posted a similar announcement on Twitter.


But as both the young ladies are two of the world’s most famous women, it seems to be an easy mistake to make — for Jeb Bush, that is.

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