Jeb Bush’s Child Abuse Joke Is A Desperate Ploy For Attention

Jeb Bush tried to show his "lighter side" by cracking jokes about his mother abusing him. It's about time he did the right thing and took a leaf from Rand Paul’s book.

Former first lady Barbara Bush is “not as great as everybody thinks she is,” Jeb Bush joked in an effort to lighten the mood at a campaign event in Derry.

In his toughest political campaign, the former governor of Florida summoned a big gun, who also happened to be his No. 1 fan — his mother— in New Hampshire on Thursday. Bush was quick to emphasize exactly who ruled the roost during his childhood.

“I jokingly say that when we were growing up in Midland, in Houston, that mom was fortunate not to have a child-abuse hotline available cause the discipline of learning right or wrong was her doing,” he said amid laughter from the crowd.

Of course making light of child abuse didn’t go unnoticed by many:




Although he might have thought bringing his mom to the campaign trail would score him more points, many thought it was quite embarrassing that a grown man was dragging his elderly mother behind him so she could help him get votes.




The former first lady is campaigning for her son at the time when he is experiencing a new low in the Republican polls. Mrs. Bush personally wrote letters to voters in the state asking for their support and appeared in an ad which described Bush as a “a very good father, a wonderful son, a hard worker.” Although mom giveth and mom taketh away: She also noted that not so long ago, that he was hardly  her favorite son.

Bush’s comment about his mother’s iron fist isn’t the only one that garnered attention this week. Just this Tuesday, while discussing foreign policy and taking a dig at his biggest rival Donald Trump, Bush said, “I won’t be out here blowharding, talking a big game without backing it up.” When his comment was met with silence, Bush asked his voters to “please clap!”

He certainly is rather desperate.

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