Jeb Bush Takes A Jab At Trump: I Have Kids Who Actually Love Me

Jeb Bush slammed Donald Trump, saying he actually returns home to children who love him. Eric Trump responded saying he loves everything about his father.


Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was at a talk held at Yale University, titled “A Conversation with Jeb Bush: Restoring Conservatism in America” when he took a swipe at President Donald Trump.

During the speech, Bush called Trump a “Republican in basically name only” and said that after the 2016 Republican primary in South Carolina, he returned home to children who “actually love me.”

The audience laughed at his comment, which was seemingly aimed at the commander-in-chief indirectly.

He was questioned about the state of American politics and how the younger generation should go about to create a reinvigorated conservative movement.

“If there was ever need for a Bill Buckley-like approach, to transforming conservatism in this country, it is right now,” Bush said asking for more civil times in politics. “Maybe not a 19th-century or a 20th-century version of conservatism but certainly a 21st-century version of that. And sadly the fracturing of the conservative movement could not come at a worse time,” he said of the late leading conservative thinker.  

“The 21st-century conservative agenda cannot be nostalgic about the past,” Bush said.

When asked about the 2016 GOP presidential primaries, he joked, “I’m not going to talk about the 2016 election. I’m still in therapy.”

Soon after the news of Bush taking a jab at Trump made headlines, Eric Trump jumped in to save his father. “I actually love my father very much,” he tweeted, using the hashtag #PleaseClap.

#PleaseClap referred to Bush’s New Hampshire speech that was held in 2016, where the audience was so quiet, he had to ask them to clap.

Bush avoided political combat during his campaign for president, but he never shied away when it came to giving advice.

Last year, when he was asked if Trump should hire a special counsel to investigate collusion between Trump aides and Russian officials, his response was positive.

“Yes, I think we need a special counsel and I don’t [think] the president should tweet,” Bush said.

“When he tweets he also gives our enemies all sorts of nuances and insights. These things matter. We are living in a dangerous world. He is the leader of the free world,” he said. “There are lots of reasons that you don’t want to send out signals to our adversaries.”

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