Jeff Sessions Thinks Ripping Children Away From Families Is Hilarious

“These same people live in gated communities… If you try to scale the fence… they’ll be even too happy to have you arrested and separated from your children.”


Jeff Sessions thinks ripping away babies from their mother’s arms is a laughing matter.

The callous attorney general was giving a speech at the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation’s Annual Luncheon Meeting in Los Angeles about separating immigrant children from their parents at the border, when he suddenly decided to make a sick joke.

“The rhetoric we hear from the other side on this issue—as on many others—has become radicalized. We hear views on television today that are on the lunatic fringe frankly. And what is perhaps more galling is the hypocrisy. These same people live in gated communities many of them and are featured at events where you have to have an ID even to hear them speak. They like a little security around themselves. And if you try to scale the fence, believe me, they’ll be even too happy to have you arrested and separated from your children,” quipped Sessions.

His comment was followed by uproarious laughter from the similar-looking and similar-feeling old white men at the luncheon.

However, the situation is not even remotely funny.

By “lunatic fringe” and the “other side,” Sessions was probably referring to those who protest his inhumane policies. What he forgot is that those people never once advocated for tearing away children from parents; that was wholly the Trump administration’s doing. But, accusing “the other side” of wanting to practice similar behavior is exactly the kind of bigoted tripe Sessions is infamous for.

His joke also lacks decency despite the fact that members of the Trump administration have been patting themselves on the back for remaining “civil” against those who believe Trump staffers and allies should be challenged in public places. The “civility debate” was sparked when press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was voted out of the Red Hen restaurant while she was dining there. She made a point of saying she remained, what she considers, civil and quietly exited the restaurant. However, her comments hold no water since lying to the American public on a daily basis is hardly being “civil.”

Also, while Sessions and his group of grey-haired cronies were guffawing at the expense of immigrants, over two dozen protesters demonstrating Sessions’ appearance, including the clergy from the United Methodist Church, were arrested — ironic, since Session and others in the Trump administration refer to their “Christian values” and the Bible when touting their zero-tolerance measures.


Sessions is the face of the family separation policy that has resulted in over 2,000 migrant children being ripped away from their parents. President Donald Trump signed an executive order last week to end family separation; however it falls short of reuniting thousands of families that have already been rendered apart by the brutal policies. Trump’s order also seeks to detain families indefinitely — a violation of the Flores settlement that decrees children can’t be held in detention for more than 20 days. However, Sessions’ Department of Justice is seeking to change this so it can detain families with children for longer than 20 days, something that the attorney general admitted in his speech.

Trump has also suggested immigrants should be deported immediately without court hearing, rights that the U.S. Constitution affords to even non-citizens.

Seventeen U.S. states including Washington, D.C., have now filed a lawsuit against the administration to reunite families. There have also been calls to abolish ICE who, critics of the administration believe, are overreaching.

They have the right idea because it doesn’t seem soulless people like Jeff Sessions even realize the gravity of the situation. Most probably they just don’t care.

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