Sessions Thinks Trump Was ‘Hurtful’ But Praises Him As ‘Strong Leader’

Trump has humiliated Jeff Sessions all week, in an extremely public way. And Sessions seems determined to still defend the president.



President Donald Trump may not love Jeff Sessions anymore but Jeff Sessions still loves him.

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, the attorney general opened up for the first time about the president’s week-long rant against him. Sessions called the remark “kind of hurtful” but said he still believes in Trump.

“Well, it’s kind of hurtful, but the president of the United States is a strong leader,” said the attorney general when Carlson asked if the president’s criticism of him was unfair.

“He is determined to move this country in the direction he believes it needs to go to make us great again… And he has had a lot of criticism and he’s steadfastly determined to get his job done,” Sessions said of Trump.

He also told the Associated Press he may not have had the “best week” with the POTUS, but has a “harmony of values and beliefs” with Trump.

“I serve at the pleasure of the president,” Sessions said. “I’ve understood that from the day I took the job.”

At least Session should be commended on his stalwart friendship, even though it seems the president has thrown him under the bus. Or maybe he is just too afraid of Trump to openly criticize him.

Trump released an unrelenting stream of tweets and interviews, expressing disdain for Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from all investigations relating to Russia.

The president told The New York Times last week Sessions — despite the fact the attorney general has been Trump’s earliest supporters — “should have never recused himself. And if he was going to recuse himself he should have told me before he took the job and I would have picked somebody else.”

However, Sessions has been steadfast in saying he made the right decision.

Since his first comments, the president has been vague about whether he will fire the attorney general, telling reporters that “time will tell.” However, some of the top Republicans have warned Trump against firing the head of the Department of Justice.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said there “will be hell to pay” if Trump fired Sessions, while Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb) said Trump can just “forget about it.”

“The presidency isn't a bull, and this country isn't a china shop,” Sasse added.

It seems at least these senators don’t believe so much in Trump. The president should compose a “thank you” letter to Sessions, because even though he put his attorney general on the chopping block, he still has a friend in the White House — or at least it seems like that form the outside.




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