Trump Supporter Jeffrey Lord: Ethics Don’t Matter Because Trump Won

Robert Reich seemed like he couldn’t believe his ears when he heard Jeffrey Lord’s claims defending Donald Trump.

Robert Reich and Jeffrey Lord landed in a heated debate when Reich asked Lord to explain why the president-elect isn’t going out of his way to reassure Americans that there are no conflicts of interests in his business and political dealings.

Reich and Lord recently appeared on "AC360" where they engaged in an argument. Reich highlighted the fact that many presidents in the past have stepped away from their businesses and he fails to understand what is stopping the president-elect to do the same. He further added that the president-elect is creating an ethically challenged administration before he even begins.

Lord defended Trump saying that the president-elect knows everything because he’s the president and people of the United States have already given him their vote of confidence and they don’t demand any further explanations. He further added that American people made their decision and it’s time to get over it.

Recently, Donald Trump’s presser left big questions on ethics. He went head-to-head with CNN reporter, accusing the network of going out of its way to build a report about compromising information that Russia allegedly compiled on him.

Trump’s business plans have also been very questionable. Whether his business plans will avoid presidential conflicts of interest has been a hot topic for ethical experts. Although the president-elect has outlined measures to address concerns, a watchdog says Trump will retain ultimate ownership of his business. 

Donald Trump was the center of attention during the U.S. presidential campaign as well. The president-elect came under fire for mocking reporter’s disability. The reporter Serge Kovaleski suffers from a congenital joint condition.

A campaign official later said that Trump was not aware of any condition and was not mocking his physical appearance in any way.

The unfortunate series of events doesn’t end there. A Muslim woman was removed from Donald Trump’s rally. Rose Hamid, who wore a shirt that read "Salam, I come in peace," was aggressively heckled as she was escorted from the campaign event in South Carolina.

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