Woman Charged With Hate Crime After Racist Attack On Black Couple

Jessica Sanders, who is now fighting hate crime charges, claims her comments were not hate motivated and that she thought n***** meant ignorant.

Jessica Sanders, a 26-year-old Chicago woman, was arrested and charged with multiple offenses – including felony, hate crime, and misdemeanor battery –after she hurled racist slurs at a black couple and even spat at them.

The incident took place during Chicago’s Margarita Festival at the end of July.

Ernest Crim, the victim, recorded the scene as Sanders called his African-American wife Cassie an “n*****” more than twelve times.

“You’re acting like a n*****,” the white supremacist said before spitting on Cassie’s arm.

According to Crim, the security soon intervened at kicked out the woman after putting her in handcuffs. 

Speaking to the Sun-Times, the targeted couple expressed their gratitude over the fact that Sanders would be facing charges. 

"I feel that if you do the crime, then you should do the time," Crim said.  

Apparently, Sanders appeared in Cook County Criminal Court last week where her bond was set at $50,000. However, she was released after posting only 10 percent of the amount.

She has accepted the fact that she was not justified in making racist comments at the couple, but also went on to explain that she thought the word n***** equated to ignorant.  

"My best friend since I was 14 is black, and I lost her over this. People are saying I'm a white supremacist. That's not who I am," she said, while claiming that she would stand up agains the hate crime charges.

 "You used that word, probably 30 times before I even hit record, and then you spit on my wife? I think that's hate," Crim added, adamant that the incident was hate crime.

“What [Sanders] did is just a symptom of something that society, this country, is producing. She’s just outward with it. Before this even happened, this has been a rough summer being a black person,” Crim told DNAinfo.

Over the last year, hate crimes against the African-American community have been on the rise. It is about time that white supremacists are rightly punished for their racism to set an example for others who plan to engage in similar behavior.

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