Paul Manafort’s Daughter Files Paperwork To Change Her Last Name

“Although I am ‘the daughter of,’ I am very much my own person and hopefully people can realize that,” said Jessica Manafort.



In a move to distance herself from her father, Jessica Anne Manafort reportedly filed documents in the Manhattan Supreme Court to change her last name. Her father, Paul Manafort, who used to be President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, is now a convicted felon.

Jessica is seeking to use her mother’s maiden name, Bond, as her last name instead of her fathers. 

“I would like my new name to be Jessica Anne Bond, in place of my present name,” the 36-year-old wrote in the court filing, adding that it “more closely suits [her] profession.”

Jessica has used the name Bond as her alias in the past.  Previously, the independent filmmaker used the name “Jess Bond” professionally at the release of her new film “Rosy” in July.

"I am a passionate liberal and a registered Democrat and this has been difficult for me. Although I am 'the daughter of,' I am very much my own person and hopefully people can realize that," said the filmmaker earlier this summer, after the release of the film which was written and directed by her.

At the time she mentioned she was in the process of changing her surname legally as her current surname doesn’t reflect who she is.

Manafort’s daughter allegedly wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders in 2016.

Manafort was found guilty on eight counts of financial wrongdoing. He will face a second set of charges in another trial that is expected to begin by the end of September.

A judge has yet to approve Jessica’s request for changing her last name.

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