Jesus Did Not Take The Wheel For This Woman Who Prayed While Driving

A Florida woman made the ridiculous choice to close her eyes and pray while driving, which resulted in her crashing her car into someone's home.

Praying while driving isn’t exactly the most prudent combination, and certainly led to chaos for one woman in Florida.

A 28-year-old Floridian drove her car straight into the brick wall of a home, smashing her front taillights but fortunately causing no damage to the residents inside, according to WPTV.

The woman reportedly ran a stop sign, continued through an intersection, and went straight into the yard of someone’s home on Miramar Drive before crashing into it.

When Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputies questioned her about the incident, she claimed that she was praying at the time and her eyes were closed—apparently leaving Jesus to take the wheel.

After the crash, she attempted to reverse out but her tires were stuck in the sand.

Officers cited her for reckless driving and property damage, but because no one was injured, there were no harsher penalties.

Considering she seems to believe it is safe to pray and close your eyes while driving, she doesn’t appear qualified to keep her driver’s license; however, as always in Florida, anything seems to go. 

Banner Image Credit: Pixabay, Myriam Fotos

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