Jesus Reads Actual Quotes From GOP Candidates And It's Ridiculous

Jimmy Kimmel wanted to set the record straight, so he got an actor to dress as Jesus and read some of the quotes that the GOP candidates have said.

It’s a well-documented fact that a lot of the GOP candidates claim to have God on their side when it comes to the presidential race.

This notion tends to get a lot of eye rolls, especially considering some of the incredibly hateful things these candidates have said.

Some people, however, applaud the fact that these candidates take the time to mention God, and even nod their heads in approval.

Jimmy Kimmel wanted to set the record straight on the matter, so he got an actor to dress as Jesus and read off some of the quotes that these candidates have said during the debates.

"God is a very important part of this primary election," Kimmel says. "Most all of the candidates go out of their way to talk about the Bible and their faith."

"So we thought it would be interesting to take real quotes from the primary candidates—these are things these guys actually said—and we wanted to get an idea of what they would sound like from the mouth of Jesus," Kimmel added.

The result: just about anyone would agree that Jesus would never say these things!

Possibly the best quote was from Marco Rubio about orphans and immigration: “We need appropriate vetting, and I don’t think that orphans under 5 should be admitted into the United States at this point.”

It makes you wonder: of all the presidential candidates — Republican or Democrat — who could actually match up with Jesus’s teachings? Ironically, it might just be Sen. Bernie Sanders, a candidate who has spoken briefly about his belief in God.

While he said that he "is not actively involved in organized religion," he does believe in God — just not in the traditional sense.

“[Religion] is a guiding principle in my life—absolutely it is. Everybody practices religion in a different way. I wouldn’t be here tonight, I would not be running for president of the United States if I didn’t have very strong religious and spiritual feelings

If we have children who are hungry, if we have elderly people who can’t afford prescription drugs ... my spirituality is that we are all in this together, and that when children go hungry, when veterans sleep out on the street, it impacts me. That is my very strong spiritual belief.”


This isn't exactly new. Plenty of people on Twitter have said that Sanders embodies more Christian values than any other candidate, and he's Jewish!





Interesting food for thought.

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