Male Jet Airways Pilot Allegedly Slaps Woman Co-Pilot Mid-Flight

A male pilot allegedly slapped his co-pilot, who is a woman, while operating a Jet Airways nine-hour flight from London to Mumbai, India, on New Year’s Day.

Two senior commanders are under investigation for fighting in the cockpit of a Jet Airways plane on a New Year’s Day flight traveling from London to Mumbai, India.

During the nine-hour flight, the male pilot allegedly slapped the woman co-pilot mid-flight, causing her to exit the cockpit of the Boeing 777, according to Fox News

Although no one would want to be next to the person who assaulted them, the fearful cabin crew inveigled the co-pilot to go back to the cockpit to operate the flight after they found her standing in the gallery sobbing. 

The male pilot called from the intercom in the cockpit asking for the co-pilot to return, but when she didn’t, he made a poor judgment call by leaving the cockpit to persuade her to return to the controls.

Leaving the cockpit unmanned is a violation of safety rules, and after a second blowout ensued between the two pilots, the cabin crew grew more afraid of a fight happening, according to The Times of India. Once again, they were able to convince her to go back and take them to their destination safely.

Just knowing that this woman attempted to do her job more than once shows that something terribly wrong was going on with the male commander inside of that cockpit, and it even caused them to put their own lives in danger. It’s a miracle that the plane landed safely in Mumbai after all of that drama.

The airline noted in a statement to The Times of India, “At Jet Airways, safety of guests, crew, and assets is of paramount importance, and the airline has zero tolerance for any action of its employees that compromises safety.”

It’s been confirmed by The Directorate of General Civil Aviation (DGCA) that the male pilot’s license has been suspended, and the incident is being investigated. 

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