Jewish And Israeli Employees Sue Delta Air Lines For Discrimination

Four Delta Air Lines employees joined forces to sue the company for anti-Semitic discrimination against Jewish and Israeli flight attendants.

Delta Air Lines Inc. has found itself at the center of a lawsuit that claims managers discriminated against Jewish and Israeli flight attendants.

According to Haaretz, four plaintiffs filed the suit in federal court in Brooklyn. They said that they were harassed, denied promotions, and unfairly disciplined because of their religion or nationality.

The plaintiffs also allege that Delta managers “operate under an express assumption that ethnic Jews and Israelis ... cannot be trusted, are aggressive and inappropriate, and engage in what are deemed to be ‘strange’ behaviors by conducting prayers on the flight and requiring special dietary accommodations.”

TMZ first reported the details of the suit, which claims Delta demonstrated “a pattern of intentionally discriminating and retaliating against ethnically Jewish, Hebrew and/or Israeli employees and passengers.” They also noted that this behavior was executed specifically on the route from New York City to Tel Aviv, Israel.

The airline even reportedly stooped so low as to fire a flight attendant because she was Jewish. They cited an excuse that she was absent from a flight despite the fact that she had been granted medical leave.

The suit expressed that some of the flight attendants were subject to a “hostile” and “intimidating environment” because of how managers were treating them. 

Unfortunately, this seems to be a pattern we are beginning to see in the airline industry. Minority groups are routinely facing racism and discrimination at the hands of these companies.

Recently, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) issued an advisory to African-American travelers not to travel with American Airlines due to its pattern of racially-biased incidents reported by passengers.

At the time, American Airlines defended its company's practices, maintaining that it does not "tolerate discrimination at any time." However, two black professional basketball players were removed from their flight on Christmas Eve after being accused of stealing blankets

While Delta and American are two different airlines, this is also not the first time Delta has been accused of similar mistreatment, which makes this lawsuit’s claims seem highly plausible.

Whatever happened to flying the "friendly" skies?  

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