Jewish Woman Finds ‘Greetings From Uncle Adolf’ Note In Amazon Package

Amazon has fired an employee after a Jewish woman reported finding an anti-Semitic note in her package last month referencing Adolf Hitler.

As hate continues to run rampant throughout the world, a Jewish woman discovered an anti-Semitic note tucked inside a package she received from Amazon.

The unnamed woman said she ordered a package of toys for her niece, and when it finally arrived at her London home, a note accompanied it that read, “Greetings from Uncle Adolf” — in reference to Adolf Hitler, Metro reports.

Speaking on her behalf, the woman’s friend, Liran Meydat, said, “When she told us about the note, she was shaking. She’s a very gentle and humble lady. She does a lot for charity — both Jewish and non-Jewish — and helps all members of the community. That’s why she took it very badly.”

The victim and Meydat surmised that the note was left by an Amazon worker because it was found within the Amazon packaging, but not the product itself. According to the Daily Mail, it is believed that the employee knew the woman was Jewish by her last name.

Adding insult to injury, the company was not very swift in taking action when the incident was reported.

“We contacted them [Amazon] on the same day and didn’t hear anything back,” Meydat said. “I’ve now given them hell over it, and they are now saying they want to wait for the results to come back from the police.”

After being slammed by Meydat on social media for their poor handling of the situation, the worker involved has finally been fired.

“We take this incident seriously and have apologized to the customer. We have investigated the matter and dismissed the individual involved,” an Amazon spokesman reportedly said.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the incident is being treated as a hate crime as the investigation continues.

It seems there are people all over the world hell-bent on normalizing bigotry.

It’s important for individuals to report and raise awareness around this issue so that those perpetuating hate face consequences. It’s also up to trusted, notable companies — like Amazon — to take a strong stand by upholding a zero tolerance policy for it.

These actions are among many necessary ingredients to successfully stomping out hate.

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr, Mike Seyfang

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