Jews And Arabs Join Forces In Protest Against Israeli Settlements

Almost 1,000 people, both Arab and Jews, took to the streets to protest the cruelty of the state.

In the face of hatred, Jewish and Arab Israelis marched together to protest the Israeli state's gross ambitions. The marchers demanded that the government stop demolishing homes built by Arabs without permits.

After the creation of the Israeli state in 1948, some Arabs stayed back in the country. Presently, they make up 20.8 percent of the population, and are actively discriminated against by the government, owing to their ethnicities. As it is, these citizens find it extremely difficult to obtain permits to construct homes. As a result, entire communities are forced to build homes without the required permits.

To appease the militant elements within the Israeli society, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered that any Arab settlement without a proper permit razed to the ground. Included in the order was the razing of the Amona settlement. 

"The law must be equitable; the same law which obliges vacating Amona also obliges removing illegal construction in other parts of our country," he said.

"Therefore I have given orders to speed up demolition of illegal construction... in all parts of the country and we shall do that in the coming days."

Last month, the police raided the village of Umm ul-Heiran to carry out these orders. A resident, along with one of the police officers he reportedly attacked, were killed. The police officers allege that 50-year-old Yacoub Abu al-Qiyan had rammed his vehicle into a police officer. The government alleges that the teacher had ties with ISIS, a claim that the villagers refute.

Almost 1,000 people took to the streets to protest the cruelty of the state. The placards read, in both Arabic and Hebrew, "Jews and Arabs together." The march was led by the left-wing Meretz Party, which accused Netanyahu's right-wing regime of fanning hatred in the country.

"Members of our government are proud to establish alternative facts," Meretz MP Michal Rozin told the demonstrators on Saturday.

It seems that the world on the whole is becoming a less tolerant, more divided place where lies trump facts, and falsehoods are spun to advance the government's racist agenda.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Amir Cohen

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