Jim Jordan’s Bid To Run For House Speaker Widely Backed By Republicans

Despite allegations that he ignored sexual assault, Jordan’s bid for the House Speaker was widely supported by conservative Republicans.


Rep. Jim Jordan, embattled with allegations that he ignored sexual assault while he was a wrestling team coach at the Ohio State University, just announced he intends to run for House Speaker after Paul Ryan’s retirement.

Jordan made the announcement in a lengthy letter to his fellow Republican congressmen, where he praised President Donald Trump’s efforts for the United States but berated GOP lawmakers for being “all talk.”

Meanwhile, nowhere in his two-page letter he mentioned of the allegations that he cumbered justice to athletes who were reportedly sexually assaulted by former wrestling team physician, Dr. Richard Strauss. Victims allege Jordan knew of the assault and chose to turn a blind eye towards it.

The Republican lawmaker has denied the allegations; however, increasing numbers of accusers have not helped his case. He even berated CNN for practically doing their job, talking to sources for a better understanding and presenting an accurate report.

Despite the sexual allegations scandal, Jordan apparently thinks he has a strong shot at the House Speaker position. However, it is highly unlikely he will get the support at the House floor, required for him to be successful.

Jordan has also been in the spotlight — along with 10 other House Republicans of the Freedom House Caucus — for trying to impeach Deputy U.S. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, accusing him of hiding investigative information from the Congress.

Jordan’s tactics and his ultra-conservative beliefs have landed him support from his fellows, as well as rebuke from more moderate Republicans.

“In November 2016, voters resoundingly rejected the status quo in Washington by electing an out-of-the-box Republican to drain the swamp and change how this town works,” Jordan wrote.

“So far, President Trump has made them proud,” Jordan continued, completing ignoring the various lash outs Trump has had on Twitter and on world forums — including the G7 Summit, Trump’s continuous criticism of the Russian investigation and most recently, the disastrous Helsinki summit.

In the letter, Jordan implored his fellow Republicans to work towards actually “repealing Obamacare,  passing “across-the-board welfare reform that requires able-bodied adults to work in order to get benefits,” building a border wall, making the 2017 tax cuts permanent, ending taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, and enacting spending cuts to avoid a $1 trillion deficit.

While many conservative Republicans would gladly hop on board with Jordan, other much more moderate Republicans would definitely find his suggestions difficult to implement, especially with elections coming up in November.

Repealing Obamacare is not popular amongst general public, since the move looks to take away benefits from people with pre-existing conditions. GOP’s much touted tax cuts also did not help the average American like it was claimed.

Apart from that, Jordan also asked for a compete “shake-up” of how Congress works. The ultra-conservative lawmaker believes if Republicans worked in the way he has proposed and delivered on the promises made during their campaign, then they would be continue holding majority in the Congress.

Jordan’s bid for the House Speaker was widely supported by conservative Republicans — who, like their fellow lawmaker, remained muted on various allegations of aiding and abating a sexual predator.

The following Republicans went on to Twitter to back Jordan, as compiled by Think Progress.

Mark Meadows:

The Freedom House Caucus chairman showed his support of Jordan’s announcement.

Matt Gaetz:

One of Trump’s most vocal supporters, the Republican has also appeared on Info Wars, went on to Fox News to extend his support to Jordan.

Dave Brat:

The Virginia congressman also extended his support to the Freedom Caucus member’s bid.

Andy Biggs:

The Arizona congressman extended his support to Jordan, using the hashtag #SpeakerJordan.

Joe Walsh:

Joe Walsh also came forward with his endorsement of “great conservative” Jordan.

Ken Cuccinelli:

The president of the Senate Conservatives Fund published a lengthy explanation for endorsing Jordan over House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), claiming the latter is “not a conservative.”

However, there was at least one Republican who did not endorse Jordan: the current House Speaker himself.

Ryan, who has previously defended Jordan over allegations of ignoring sexual assault, offered his support to McCarthy rather than the ultraconservative lawmaker.

But Jordan’s support does not limit to GOP lawmakers. FreedomWorks, a conservative advocacy group, has promised to spend $500,000 to ensure Jordan is the next House speaker.

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