Former Trump Adviser Calls Woman ‘Ugly B****’ On Twitter

Trump and his advisers seem to have one thing in common: their love for offensive Twitter rants full of personal attacks.

As time passes by, more and more people with links to President Donald Trump are coming into the limelight for saying or doing obnoxious things. The latest to join the list is a confidant to the POTUS and former adviser to his campaign, Roger Stone.

Using the same medium of communication (Twitter) as his idol Trump, Stone called various women derogatory terms such as “ignorant ugly b****” and used foul language in numerous tweets.



Stone even went on to admit the Trump campaign had ties with Julian Asange, whose organization WikiLeaks published emails related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.


However, upon realizing the blunder he has just made, Stone deleted his tweet, but since the internet never forgets anything, screenshots of his tweet quickly hounded him.

He soon took on to former President Barack Obama, claiming he should be “charged, convicted and jailed" over the unproven claims that he wiretapped Trump during the presidential campaign.


Interestingly, when internet users began calling Stone out for his baseless claims, all hell let loose and he began personally attacking them. His tweets look like those of a guilty child trying to blame anyone and everyone possible, instead of simply admitting to being wrong.





Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who recently has been getting involved in politics, soon took down the Trump adviser with an epic tweet.


Meanwhile, she also took a jab at Trump.


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