Joe Biden And Hillary Clinton’s Awkward Hug Will Make You Cringe

The hug between the U.S. vice president and his party’s presidential nominee will go down in history as the most cringeworthy moment of this election (if you leave Donald Trump out of it.)

Uncle Joe has struck again!

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton greeted U.S. Vice President Joe Biden at the airport in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and things got a little awkward.

The footage of their meeting shows the former secretary of state embrace Biden on the tarmac on Monday. It started out as a friendly hug but turned into an uncomfortable moment after Clinton began trying to wriggle free from his grip and the vice president, either not picking or deliberately ignoring the cues, refused to let go of her.

The hug lasted for 16 long seconds.

To her credit, the presidential hopeful kept on smiling for the cameras while continuously patting Biden’s arm. After a few seconds of struggle, he finally released her and the two walked toward the parked limo, entering from the opposite sides.

The two Democrats were campaigning together today in Biden's childhood hometown.






Biden is notorious for his touch-feely interactions with women.

Last year, he made Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s swearing-in ceremony incredibly awkward by nuzzling Carter’s wife, Stephanie, right in front of the cameras and the audience.

In a similar incident, Biden once leaned too close Sen. Chris Coons’ teenage daughter, Maggie Coon, during a ceremonial reenactment swearing-in.

Then there was this picture that went viral.



The vice president has repeatedly faced criticism for his antics, but nothing appears to faze him.

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