Joe Walsh Says He's 'Grabbing His Musket' If Trump Loses

Former congressman and right-wing talk show host Joe Walsh took to Twitter today to apparently incite Americans to take up arms if Donald Trump isn't elected.

Joe Walsh, former Illinois congressman and right-wing talk show host  uses the Twitter handle @WalshFreedom to share his political gripes and offensive thoughts with the world.

Today's food for thought? A literal call for civil war if his preferred candidate is not democratically elected by the citizens of the United States. 

Yes, that's right, Walsh is going to grab his "musket," a weapon in use at the time of the signing of the U.S. Constitution and which 'gun rights' lobbyists conveniently forget fired a single shot at most about once every 15 seconds.

Although an 18th century weapon wouldn't hold its own in a shootout today, the suggestion of starting a revolution if Trump loses —which is increasingly likely— should land Walsh under investigation. As many pointed out, a person of color or Muslim American would be immediately questioned by authorities if they casually tried to incite a coup. 

This is just the latest offensive stunt from Walsh, who has stated that there should be no exception for the health and safety of a mother when it comes to abortion and openly mocks the existence of climate change.

In fact, just a few months ago, Walsh was threatening a violent uprising against president Obama. Representative Keith Ellison urged authorities to investigate him when Walsh tweeted "this is now war," and "watch out Obama...real America is coming," after Dallas cops were shot during what had been a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest. Walsh subsequently deleted the tweets but was given a free pass by authorities.

Walsh proved that he is both despicable and cowardly when the first comments landed and he immediately backtracked on his aggressive statement.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper asked, "What exactly does that mean?" to which Walsh responded "It means protesting. Participating in acts of civil disobedience. Doing what it takes to get our country back."

The idea that Walsh values peaceful civil disobedience after his comments about demonstrators for black civil rights seems almost laughable.

Since Donald Trump refused to concede if he loses, threats of violence in the weeks leading up to and following Election Day have federal officials concerned. As Trump drops in the polls, the TV personality and die-hard fans like Walsh, cling to the idea of a huge conspiracy to validate their beliefs. The reality is that there's just no place in the future of this nation for their backwards ideologies. 

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