Kasich Doesn’t Understand Why He’s Being Accused Of Victim Blaming

John Kasich doubles down on his insensitive comment on how women should behave at on-campus parties.


John Kasich seems a bit confused about how women should act at a party.

CNN’s Dana Bash, on Sunday’s “State of the Union,” asked the Ohio governor about a recent question by a St. Lawrence University student, who asked Kasich what he would do as president to make campuses safer.

In response, the GOP hopeful told the young woman that his best advice was not to “go to parties where there’s a lot of alcohol.”

Other than the useless bit of “advice,” the Ohio governor did not have much to say about measures to counteract sexual assault in colleges.

Understandably, the comment earned him a lot of backlash, with people suggesting he was laying blame for rape at victims’ feet. The presidential candidate quickly sought to diffuse the tension by tweeting out he believes only the perpetrator of rape is at fault.


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But in the interview with CNN, Kasich further complicated matters by giving a roundabout, confused explanation for his controversial comment.

“It's just you have to be careful. My only comment on it, you know, it gets to be when alcohol's involved, it becomes — it becomes more difficult for justice to be rendered for a whole variety of reasons,” he said to Bash. “But we can still find the perpetrator. So...”

His next comment seemed to suggest prosecutors might be at fault.

“I just don’t want justice to be denied because something comes up that a prosecutor looks at it and says, well, I can’t figure this thing out?” Kasich added.

Advocates for sexual assault victims claim a woman’s alcohol consumption is unrelated to unwanted sexual contact. The National Institute of Health says although alcohol consumption may put women at an increased risk of assault, the blame lies with the assailant who is “legally and morally responsible for their behavior.”

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