John Kelly Literally Face-Palmed During Trump's 'Rocket Man' Speech

While we may never know what Chief of Staff John Kelly was really thinking during President Donald Trump's UN debacle, his faces make it hard to not venture a guess.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump addressed the United Nations as part of a week-long general assembly and blustered through sensitive topics, including the threat of nuclear war with North Korea and the controversial Iran Deal.

Washington's reactions to his speech were unsurprisingly split down party lines, but one notable member of Trump's own camp had quite the suspicious real-time response.

While the world was focused on Trump putting his foot in his mouth over and over again, some journalists turned their cameras to the audience and caught White House Chief of Staff John Kelly's reaction. While it's impossible to know what Kelly was truly thinking, his double-face palm undoubtedly struck a cord with many.

Kelly previously caught the public's attention for his facial expression during Trump's neo- Nazi sympathy speech in the wake of the events in Charlottesville, Virginia. Unless the retired general comes out with some choice words for the president and his administration (which is highly unlikely to happen) the news stories and social media posts will remain snide speculation.

Still, we're mortified and it's not hard to imagine that Kelly is, too.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters photographer Joshua Roberts

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