John Kelly: 'Not Until The Boom' Will We Know If Ban Works

During testimony, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said proof that President Donald Trump's Muslim ban works wouldn't emerge "until the boom" happened.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly insidiously suggested that President Donald Trump’s administration is desperately itching for a terrorist attack in order to justify the reasoning behind the discriminatory travel ban.

Kelly responded to testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee on Tuesday claiming that evidence the ban was necessary wouldn’t emerge until a terrorism “boom” occurs, specifically referring to the recent temporary suspension of the executive order.

”Let’s just say, for instance, a person who is trying to get to the United States to do some harm, some terrorist attack, is coming in during this period that the courts put a stay on our enforcement, we don’t know that until an individual who’s a bad person, until they do something bad,” Kelly said. “But it’s entirely possible that someone that’s coming in, whether it’s during this stay court action or previous to this, they intend to do us harm.”

When Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), probed Kelly for proof that refugees and immigrants intended to harm Americans, Kelly responded that “not until the boom” would the administration know.

“Not until they blow something up and go into a mall and kill people. Not until then,” he said.

Kelly’s notion not only demonstrates the complete ignorance of Trump’s team, but it also shamelessly plays on the fears of everyday Americans. The sentiment places Muslims under the broad generalization of rabid jihadists, yet ignores how white male supremacists are far more responsible for terrorist attacks in the United States.

Homegrown terrorism is a greater threat to our country, especially now as the Ku Klux Klan is emboldened by Trump’s rhetoric. Yet Trump and his cronies say Islam is the problem, without understanding that their policies only further endanger America

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