Giuliani's Son Loses West Wing Access After Trump Tries Promoting Him

The son of President Donald Trump's attorney seems to have lost his clearance, and he is now only allowed inside the West Wing if he's entering with an escort.

President Donald Trump promoted Andrew Giuliani, his attorney Rudy Giuliani’s son, months ago. Now, it appears that Andrew Giuliani has lost his West Wing pass.

Is Trump's chief of staff trying to defy him?

Andrew Giuliani’s promotion came just as the president made his father his lawyer, a decision that appears to have been made during a Mar-a-Lago dinner. Then, he had aide Jordan Karem tell White House chief of staff John Kelly to promote Andrew Giuliani to special assistant to the president.

However, Axios reports, it appears that Kelly stood up to the president, taking from Andrew Giuliani his blue staff pass about two weeks ago. Now, Andrew Giuliani only has a green pass and is no longer allowed to enter the West Wing without an escort.

Sources told reporters that Kelly and Justin Clark, director of the Office of Public Liaison, do not want to promote Andrew Giuliani out of fear he “subverts the chain of command.”

They reportedly have other complaints about the former New York mayor’s son, but details were not shared with journalists.

Still, Andrew Giuliani appears to be very close to Trump.

At least one source told reporters that the president helped to bring Andrew Giuliani and his father close after his parents’ divorce, and that Trump is “genuinely fond” of the young man.

A golfer, Andrew Giuliani also played with Trump several times, and in 2016, he even volunteered during Trump’s campaign.

“The president has been there for me, for the good times, but more importantly through the bad,” Andrew Giuliani told reporters. “That's just the kind of man he is. I'm grateful that he's always been willing to give me his advice on personal matters and I consider him to be my good friend and even a father figure. His family is my family."

It appears that Trump continues to bring people close to him into the administration, despite the potential ethical problems that can cause. Kelly, however, seems to be skeptical of this practice and could end up blocking others from having access to the president in the future.

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