Trump Is Reportedly Looking For A Replacement For John Kelly

Trump reportedly went on a “profanity-laced tirade” tirade against Kelly with an ally, only to switch gears the next morning and praise his work.



Rumors of tension between President Donald Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly have make been rounds for several months. Despite several reports, the White House has denied reports the president is looking for a replacement for Kelly.

“He said it is absolutely not true and that it is fake news," Deputy Press Secretary Lindsay Walters told reporters.

"I've also spoken to General Kelly, who said this was news to him," Walters added. "So both individuals in question have said there is no truth to this article."

However, CNN sources claim the POTUS is looking potential successor for Kelly, while he maintains he is happy with his current chief of staff.

Another thing to notice is that the White House’s claim of Kelly’s job being secure is not really a guarantee. A similar position was taken when reports suggested the departure of then-national security adviser H.R. McMaster but he was ousted anyway.

The top individuals to replace Kelly, according to CNN sources, include Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney and Vice President Mike Pence's top aide Nick Ayers.

However, it is not sure how serious Trump is about these replacements. In fact, according to CNN, the reason Kelly has not been replaced yet, is because of the absence of an obvious successor.

Trump and Kelly have been at odds for months now, both unhappy with the other’s behavior. Trump’s irritated with Kelly’s strict impositions on him, while Kelly has been horrified with Trump’s constant outbursts.

A CNN source heard Trump go on a “profanity-laced tirade” tirade against Kelly with an ally, only to switch gears the next morning and praise his work.

Kelly, who used to hold quite an influential position with Trump, has slowly faded into the background. The POTUS began working his way around his chief of staff, in matter including policy-making decisions and interaction with foreign leaders.

Even though, the White House has declined repost of Kelly’s ousting, we just may see Trump’s chief of staff, who allegedly called him an idiot behind his back, see himself out very soon.

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