John Oliver Blasts Rodrigo Duterte, Calls Him 'Trump Of The East'

The talk show host is of the opinion that the “truly nauseating” Filipino presidential front-runner is “trying to test the limits of basic human decency.”

Popular talk show host and political commentator John Oliver took aim at brash Filipino presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte in the latest episode of “Last Week Tonight.”

For those who have still not come to terms with Donald Trump becoming the presumptive GOP presidential nominee — considering the kind of insults he has hurled at Mexicans, Muslims, African-Americans, the disabled and women  here is something that might put things into perspective.

Voters in the Philippines are currently queuing up in scorching heat to vote for a man who made an obscene rape joke about a dead Australian missionary, called his own daughter a “drama queen” for reporting her sexual assault and has promised a reign of mass murder.

Presidential front-runner and mayor of Davao city Rodrigo Duterte, whose lax attitude to extrajudicial killings and violent election campaign has earned him the nickname “Punisher,” is most likely to emerge as the new president of the East Asian country. Local media has attributed the large voter turnout to the alleged death threats issued by the candidate.

Oliver, who is a staunch Donald Trump critic, shed some light on the situation in the Philippines on Monday, by calling Duterte the “Trump of the East.”

“Duterte routinely kisses his female supporters, once called the pope a ‘son of a b****,’ all of which has earned him a reputation of the ‘Trump of the East’— a title previously held by a burnt wonton,” the political commentator quipped. “Duterte has also suggested, if elected, he would kill five criminals every week, which may not be an idle promise as since he’s been there, extrajudicial death squads have reportedly killed over a thousand people. And while he denies any involvement in that, he does admit he has blood on his hands.”

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As troubling as that sounds, human rights groups have accused Duterte for allowing death squads to kill over thousand suspected criminals during his two decades in the mayor’s office. The 71-year-old ex-lawyer has both denied the allegations and bragged about them.

“OK, let this be a lesson to all of us: When we say I just want a politician who will tell me what he really thinks, we should specify that that politician should not be a total f****** monster,” Oliver added.

Watch the complete segment in the video above.

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