Will The NFL Finally Discipline Johnny Manziel?

The NFL refused to take disciplinary action against Johnny Manziel before, citing “insufficient basis.” But this time around, the league can’t simply say that.

Last November, nearly a month after Johnny Manziel's now ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley first accused him of beating her inside of a moving car in Avon, Ohio, the NFL refused to take any disciplinary action, citing “insufficient basis.”

At the time, the league concluded its “thorough investigation” in a short 100-word statement. There were no reports provided related to the inquiry — not even one  despite the fact that there was a lot of confusion regarding the details of the incident.

This time around, however, it’s different.

After Crowley alleged Manziel beat her so severely earlier this month that she lost hearing in her left ear, Dallas police launched a criminal investigation into the incident. He was shortly dropped by his agent and likely will be released by the Cleveland Browns in the coming days after two turbulent seasons.

All of this seems to be sufficient basis to let Manziel go. (Even if temporarily, for argument’s sake.)

However, the NFL has not yet taken any action. Is it because some blame his hostile behavior on chronic traumatic encephalopathy, aka CTE, a condition caused by repeated traumatic injury to the head?

But there are many others who say the embattled football player could be just generally violent — like ex-Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice, who was caught on camera beating up his wife Janay Palmer in an elevator.

Whatever the reason, this is yet another instance of the NFL refusing to act when one of its stars goes off the rails, from beating women to children, getting arrested for drugs or drinking or worse. 

Even Manziel’s father has said his son “won't live to see his 24th birthday," if he doesn’t get help.

Since no one knows if Manziel’s actions were caused by a medical condition, the NFL must take some kind of disciplinary action against him. It would also, at the very least, prove the league’s (recently advertised) commitment to the fight against domestic violence.

A half-page statement won’t be enough. Not this time.

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