Here’s How A Quick-Thinking Woman Managed To Escape Her Attackers

Jason Bourne has nothing on Jordan Dinsmore, a college student who managed to flee after being kidnapped by three men at gunpoint.

When three men allegedly kidnapped Jordan Dinsmore, a Columbia, South Carolina college student, and threatened her with rape, she realized she would have to keep her nerves steady in order to flee. Luckily for her, she also had the gifts of quick thinking and a car with manual transmission to aid her escape.

The 20-year-old was approached by three men who pushed her to the ground and put a gun to her head. They then forced her to withdraw $300 from her ATM before telling her they were taking her away to be raped, according to The State.

“I was pleading with them to just take my stuff and let me go, but they said that I had to come with them,” recalled Dinsmore.

But luck was on Dinsmore's side. Turns out, her car had a manual transmission, so her attackers had to put her behind the wheel. At this point, a plan was already shaping in the student’s head. After she got out to withdraw the money, Dinsmore returned to the car but did not put on her seatbelt, hoping none of her attackers would notice the irritable seatbelt alarm.

A thousand thought were racing through her head, she said.

“I was thinking somehow I have to get out of this,” Dinsmore explained. “Can I crash the car? No, because it might knock me out and not them. Can I pull over or something? I have to get away from them.”

The men told her to drive to one of their relative’s house, but Dinsmore deliberately missed a turn and drove to the intersection. Then, displaying some Jason Bourne-level skills, she threw the car in neutral and jumped out while the vehicle was moving at 35 mph.

Once she landed on the road, she called for help. A woman came to her rescue and called 911. Dinsmore only sustained minor bruises and her reliable 2009 Scion is also in decent shape after the attackers crashed it.

Dinsmore, who is a criminal justice major with hopes of becoming an FBI agent, said she will be eternally grateful that her car had a manual transmission and vows to only drive cars with manual transmission for the rest of her life.

Although the worst is over, the scars remain and the 20-year-old said she has been having nightmares since the incident.

The point is, although what Jordan did was awe-inspiring, no person should ever be required to have nerves of steel or endanger their lives in order to escape such a situation. The best way to make sure other women are safe is by battling rape culture, acts and jokes that normalize sexual assault and harassment at our homes, in our schools and in our offices.

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