GOP Candidate Brazenly Shares Anti-Muslim, Anti-Semitic Posts

“There’s nothing wrong with profiling people based on past patterns of behavior,” said the Trump-loving GOP candidate.

Joshua Powell, a GOP statehouse candidate in Eugene, Oregon, was asked to withdraw from his a candidacy race after anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic posts were discovered on his social media.

The Trump-loving Republican candidate had a history of using vile and expletive-laden language for Muslims and Jews.

“New York Times called the Bundy ranch people trying to spin the narrative ... (expletive) Jews!” Powell wrote during the trial for the 2014 Bundy standoff in Nevada. “A new (expletive) low by the Jew York Times.”

“Washington (state) is crawling with Muslim rats,” he wrote in another post last fall.

The 33-year-old has been making disparaging racial insults since he filed to run for House District 11 in February. House Republicans called on the candidate to withdraw from participating as a GOP statehouse candidate.

“Joshua Powell should not be running for public office. His record of bigotry and racial and religious hatred is disgusting and represents the worst fringes of our society,” said Preston Mann, a spokesman for House Republicans’ campaign committee.

When asked about his comments, the xenophobic man didn’t apologize. Instead he said he wasn’t racist but is actually interested in “preserving the Western cultural heritage.”

“We’ve never had Muslims here in Oregon, ever, until now,” he said. “Jewish liberals are opening up the borders, and innocent bystanders are subjected to this aggressive agenda. And then they wonder why there’s anti-Semitism.”

After the devastating mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Powell called the survivors, who were demanding better gun reforms, “Jews calling for gun control.”

“If the truth is anti-Semitic, so be it,” wrote the avid social media user in an April post. “If the majority of corruption is done by Jews, then they will suffer the consequences as anyone else would equally under the law.”

“There’s nothing wrong with profiling people based on past patterns of behavior. You may find some groups of people are more likely to commit certain crimes than other people,” he told the Register-Guard.

As of now, only the posts that are public on Powell’s wall can be seen. He has shared multiple posts from both right- and left-wing sources, which are critical of Israeli military action, along with posts that support Trump.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters

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