Powerful Ad Shows Exactly What Millions Have Got To Lose On Nov. 8

This video is a chilling reminder of the reality millions of people across America will have to face on Election Day.

There are more than 11 millions undocumented immigrants in the United States. These people, whom Donald Trump and his cronies refer to as “aliens,” “criminals” and “rapists,” may not have been born in America, but they have been working just as hard as the next guy to earn a living and give their families a brighter future.

A new political ad from the director of “The Avengers,” Joss Whedon, shows exactly what’s at stake for those who fled the poverty and violence in their country and settled in the land of the free in hopes for a better life.

The video, produced by Whedon’s Save the Day, a Super PAC dedicated increase voter turnout, features a number of Spanish-speaking immigrants starting their day on Nov. 8. The people — a disabled war veteran, a young schoolgirl, a housekeeper, a family who owns a food truck — spend the entire day working their respective jobs while listening to the election updates on radio and TV.

Toward the end of the video, when everyone gathers to hear the results, the young girl asks her father the gut-wrenching question millions of other children must be wondering about across the country.

“Can we stay?”

While the ad, titled the “Verdict,” did not predict the winner of the election, it gave America a chilling reminder of the consequences Hispanic-Americans and other groups of immigrant would have to face if Trump becomes the next commander-in-chief.

Watch the entire ad in the video above.

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