Journalist Loses Job, Faces Anti-Semitic Backlash For Trump Tweet

Donald Trump supporters are not above stooping low when defending their leader, and they did just that after one journalist made some regrettable remarks.

A Politico writer named Julia Ioffe faced some disturbingly harsh backlash after tweeting her two cents about the rumors that Ivanka Trump might be taking over a White House office space that is usually reserved for the first lady.

“Either Trump is f***ing his daughter or he’s shirking nepotism laws,” Ioffe wrote in her now-deleted tweet. “Which is worse?”

Unfortunately for Ioffe, that was the worst possible thing she could have said in a public forum. While the nature of President-elect Donald Trump and his eldest daughter’s relationship has been questioned many times before for seeming incestuous, Ioffe’s lewd delivery went over the top.

Ioffe quickly realized the error in her ways and posted a series of tweets apologizing for the “tasteless” and “offensive” comments.

The journalist was set to soon begin a new job at Atlantic, and Politico pushed things up a bit by ending her contract early, Mic reports.

Although Ioffe’s tweet may have been inappropriate, the anti-Semitic responses she got from Trump fans were even worse.

Somehow, Ioffe’s poor choices became a reflection of all Jews in the eyes of some angry Trump supporters as they berated her entire culture in their cruel messages.

Although this serves as an unfortunate lesson for Ioffe, the impassioned responses from Trump supporters are ironic considering how silent they’ve been about the fact that Trump has referred to his eldest daughter as a “piece of a**” in the past and even has said that if she wasn’t his daughter he would be dating her.

In addition to the questionable sexualization of his daughter, Trump has also allowed her to sit in on meetings regarding foreign affairs, and there’s speculation of her possibly getting a spot in his administration. 

These situations not only create major conflicts of interest, but add some credence to people’s suspicions surrounding their strangely close relationship. 

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