MSNBC Host Kicks Out Republican After Racist Rant Against Latinos

A former congressman's unhinged rant hit everyone from Latinos in general to celebrity Rosie Perez.

MSNBC host Joy Reid cut off a Republican and pulled him off air after he went on an “incredibly offensive” rant against the Latino community.

Reid had invited Newsmax host and former Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) for a debate on immigration. However, far from doing that, the man started harassing activists Rosie Perez and Maria Hinojosa, labeling them as “hysterical.”

Throughout the interaction, Hayworth kept interrupting others while speaking and kept trying to push the problem of immigration on Latinos.

When Reid brought up the case of an undocumented woman — Irvin Gonzalez, who went to a family court to get a protective order after she alleged that her boyfriend abused her and instead ended up getting arrested by ICE agents — and asked Hayworth if the incident bothered him, he doubled down on his racism saying he had “a greater degree of discomfort with the Latino-on-Latino violence in Washington, D.C., area.”

In response, Reid asked if he was trying to “ascribe violence to an entire race of people” as the answer to her question.

Hayworth quickly accused her of trying to portray Republicans as bad people. When the host asked him about his thoughts on the members of Congressional Hispanic Caucus who were asked to leave a meeting with the acting director of ICE, the conversation quickly devolved to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren claiming to have Native American heritage.

That was when Reid decided she had enough and decided to throw Hayworth out of the show.

“Can I just tell me something,” Reid cut in. “We’re going to end here, but sir, you’ve talked about strawmen twice, you’ve answered questions with non sequiturs that have some sort of ethnic base to them. Now you’ve gone after Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage. I think we’re done with this segment. You literally answered with a non sequitur and that is incredibly offensive.”

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